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November 3, 2015

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The Bullet Bra

March 2, 2017

Can you believe it? The most adorable, delicious pink strapless bullet bra had caught my eye at a local vintage shop. It was tagged: Pink Corselet Bullet Bra. 1960's. I had to have it, of course. It was wrapped in a delicate plastic. I slinked behind the green changing curtain of the tiny, intimate store. Hoping no one could peep through, I changed garments and stared in awe at the construction of this piece. The baby pink that it once was had faded, but still had spark left in it for wearings. The cup was a tad bit small for me, but I could pass it off with it being a slightly lose in the back. What wonders it did for my bust line. My collar bone. My shoulders. Something about wearing vintage, especially lingerie turns me into the most sleekest of women. 



I had to have it. So, I bought it. 


The latest undergarment from the past to add to my collection. I only own a handful, being it my large bust size and how expensive they can be. Leading me to here. I maybe but one of many vintage inspired blogs, but oh how the design and construction of the bullet bra has hooked me. I am completely enamored at the shape it gives the bosom. A statement that can only be "Here I am and i'm not going anywhere!". Making the chest almost righteous. Haha! Especially for me, where my bust is the first thing to enter any room, why not make that grandest of statements with it. That's me, sharp and precise in a cashmere sweater. 


Not just the brassieres of yesterday that have me hooked. From the wiggle dress to a pair of sling back heels. They really knew the forms and curves of a women's body, what really flattered that physique. 


I've been a vintage fashion enthusiast and retro model for the past 5 years, as well as burlesque entertainer. Researching and perfecting my own style based off of the eloquent design elements that were the age of Golden Hollywood (1930-1960). 


I have nothing against modern styles of today, but it is so difficult to find a great looking garment that is neatly tailored, not with todays "fast-fashion". 


In this blog, I will share my experiences and style tips: Trying to look authentically poised in vintage garb, but don't have the budget. Hell, I've been there! Believe me, I'm still there, actually. Have ethnic or severely curly hair, I cannot wait to share my pin-curl tips as well. Perhaps you're a burly-q dancer and you need another bump and grind artist to explore, i'm there. 


This style is not for everyone, I know some well dressed vintage advocates who neglect some aspects like the bra underneath, but will happily strike a pose in it for their latest shoot. The shape is quite obnoxious I know, but for me that is just fine. For I believe we owe it to ourselves as human beings to follow our passions. My passion being that old hollywood glamour, that retro spice in all it's splendor. To get the ultimate look. 


Thank you for reading! Till next time!




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